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How To Become An Amazon Seller

Amazon sellers grow in a number every day, and everyone wants to use a large customer base platform and ease of operation.

If you want to be part of the Amazon Seller platform also this article is ideal for you. We will discuss the important things you have to do to become an Amazon seller, and successful, at the same time.

Steps to Becoming Amazon sellers

The sales process on Amazon is quite simple, but there are some important steps you have to take before starting your journey to sell.

Product market and research

The first thought that appears in your mind when you think of selling your product on Amazon will be “what should be sold on Amazon?”.

What makes a profitable niche is that products in it must be in high demand and low competition, and may be difficult to identify.

One method for doing this is finding various products that you think fit and then researching them before making a decision. It must be a product that will fill the gap in the market with solid data to support claims.

Utilizing the Amazon Seller product research tool to find products and learn all important details about them.

This will help you understand what products you choose will generate high sales and provide useful information to assess the extent to which it meets customer needs.

It also needs to be considered and obey Amazon Seller rules. You cannot sell items included in the categories that are limited by Amazon or you must ask permission to sell products classified to become “limited products” on Amazon.

Buy your Things

After you identify the ideal items, you must specify where and how you will get the product, shipping methods, storage and exchange and returns, and so on. This means you need to choose from the FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) or FBM (filled with merchants) to handle the fulfillment of your order.

Alibaba is a famous source of goods. Be sure to find a reliable supplier or manufacturer that can function as your business partner, and will provide affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

Amazon Seller Registration

In registering, the most important aspect is to choose between Amazon individual seller accounts and professional accounts. This type of account is for sellers who usually have more than 100 products every month. The price is $ 39.99 per month.

A personal account will be designed for those who want to sell less than 40 items every month. This account does not have a monthly fee for a subscription. You need to make Amazon $ 0.99 as a commission on each item you sell.

To register, go to – Choose between professional seller accounts and individual seller accounts.

Be sure to save all the required documents to complete the registration process. Complete the entire registration procedure along with the payment details and other vital details.

Optimizing Product List

After you find and source products, you must develop a list of Amazon products to start selling products.

To do this, you need to search and include relevant keywords in the product description, title, and bullet points on Amazon.

Also, you must use HD images and use a 3P optimization tool to register Judi Slot Online Jackpot Terbesar to ensure your site is high in the Amazon results.

High ranking is an important element for customers to be able to find your product quickly, which increases sales.

Your listing content must be simple to read and attract your customers. Avoid repeating keywords because this can be seen as the disposal of keywords and weaknesses and A9 does not support this.

In addition to the steps mentioned earlier, an important aspect of product sales in Amazon can become Amazon PPC.

Take advantage of sponsored products, sponsored brands, or sponsored along with the appropriate keywords to promote your product with your company’s needs.

This is the best method for increasing sales of your products and increasing brand recognition and visibility.


With keywords and research products that are right with the optimized list, the best supplier and manufacturer are all you need to start starting your Amazon business.

Being an Amazon seller is very thrilling. However, to maintain your business, you must monitor your KPI regularly Pragmatic play and stay up-to-date on all modifications and updates to Amazon policies and rules.

Monitoring everything manually can be difficult. So, taking advantage of the 3P vendor platform like SellerApp will help you increase your business level and help you manage your business smoothly.